Information and Resources for Organisers

Get Involved and Download Resources

To make Go Paddling Week 2020 great all we need is for you to share your passion for paddlesport! The more clubs, centres and coaches who get involved, the better the chance of hitting 12,000 paddlers.

It’s easy to be a part of the week, just follow our three simple steps:

  • Jump on board – you might already have activities running throughout the week, or you might decide to put some special sessions on. Whether you’re running a Paddle Start session, going on a club outing or coaching a group; everyone on the water counts towards our target for the week. Do what you usually do or go the extra mile and think of a special event.
  • Shout about it – or let us do that for you! Tell us about the activities and events you are running throughout the week and we will promote them on the site. All you need to do is give us the details here. Even if you are running activities which you don’t want promoting to the public we would love to hear about them.
  • Use our free posters and digital resources– We are being kinder to the environment this year and not printing so many resources. All affiliated clubs and centres in England should receive a couple of promotional posters in the post in January (if you don’t get yours please contact You do still have all you need for a great Go Paddling Week at your fingertips, as we have put together a great digital resource pack. In the resource pack you will find digital copies of the Go Go Tokyo posters, logo and some great social media tiles for you to use.